Why Weaving?

Weaving is one of the oldest surviving crafts in the world. Humans have been weaving since Neolithic times – at least 12,000 years ago, and even before that people were interlacing branches and twigs to create fences, shelters and baskets. You may ask, “Why would I be interested in learning to weave when I can buy manufactured fabrics and hangings?” It’s all about the process, as well as the beautiful results.

Most people today spend time at school or work sitting at computers, repeating endless abstract functions, with little or no sense of accomplishment. But creating something with your very own hands can be a refreshing and rewarding way to relax and unwind. It can also be very empowering to look at something you created and say, “I made that, I started with nothing and created something beautiful and artful.” It doesn’t matter if it’s objectively exquisite or if your friends and acquaintances like it; it just matters that you decided to do something creative, you persevered and you finished it. And you have something tangible to show for it.

As an added benefit you will find that as you spend more time creating, you will become more capable of creative thinking. Creativity is like a muscle; the more you use it the stronger it becomes. It is also a great way to release emotions and express yourself. Creativity teaches you to think outside the box at work and life in general. Even if you feel like you don’t have the “talent” to paint, draw, or sculpt, chances are very good that you can learn to weave and you will end up with awesome and useful creations. You may just find that you are more “talented” than you believed!

To get a taste of amazing fiber art visit Art in the Barn, 276 Ridgefield Road, Wilton, CT from April 28 to May 6th to view the exhibit “Blue/Green: color/code/context.” http://www.browngrotta.com

Maybe we from GSA will see you there! And don’t forget we offer adult weaving classes on Friday mornings in our studio.

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