Teaching Beginners

I am not a natural at writing. I am natural at talking and communicating verbally, but putting my thoughts on paper is another story. I have been trying to think of what to write since April, which was my last post. OK. The summer is always busy with summer camps, family and enjoying the outdoors but I truly have been thinking about this blog. So here I am. The more I think about what to write, the more I want to write about how hard this is. This leads me to thinking about being a beginner at something, which leads me to thinking about my love of teaching. Here is how this correlates. Me: beginner blogger = my love of teaching beginners. As some of you may know I have been teaching and running children’s art classes for 20+ years. I have taught a smattering of adults but most recently have had more adult classes held as paint and sip parties. Here’s the thing; I love teaching beginners. I love the ‘Aha’ moment when a student, no matter how old, figures out that creating a painting or drawing can be done with the right information. That drawing and painting can be taught from scratch. That after one class a student can go home with a representational piece of art with no previous experience. I love the planning of a lesson; breaking a drawing or painting down to its simplest form. Planning the step by step so my students can interpret these steps easily. And lastly, I love when the artwork is done and everyone is happy, when I know my students are going home feeling really good about what they have done. So here I am a beginner writer. I feel pretty good right now. How did I do?

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