Ideas for Projects: Indoors or Outdoors

Do you ever wonder what to do with your children on those long weekends and vacations? Been through the kits from the art store and looking for something more spontaneous? Home art projects are a great way to let your children explore their creativity and give you both quality-time together. Here are some ideas that might help. Some of the things I have asked myself when planning art projects over the last 20 years are what am I trying to achieve from this project, is it seasonal, educational, what is the age of my student? What I have in my studio for teaching may not be what you have on hand at home but these ideas may work for you. If you’re home on a snow day for instance you might want to explore the possibility of creating a wonderful winter scene with some blackboard chalk, rice or cotton balls and dark paper. Perhaps you are thinking more of a warm weather escape, then you can take out the watercolors, melt some snow (fun for younger children) and use with paints to paint a beach or some fish. These can later be decorated with glitter or ribbons for the seaweed. No watercolor paints? Use food coloring!  Art is not only fun but can change your mood; rainy day, make a sunny picture, use bright colors, glue on some flowers!  If you are outdoors use a clipboard, cardboard, cake pan or book as a drawing surface and with some paper and graphite or colored pencils draw the garden or a tree. Don’t worry about your drawing ability, you will be exploring this with your child, they will be learning to try their best. Or pick some flowers, paint with tempera paint, lay on paper, cover with another paper and rub with a wooden spoon, instant flower print. This works great with leaves too! Educational art projects can really cement what your child is learning. Math projects: measure shapes, cut out and glue them together; take those numbers in the multiplication tables and write them out and make into a collage or game; or build a geodesic dome out of newspaper. Science projects: build the solar system or make a volcano! Draw the body or shape out of clay or modeling dough (can be made with flour and water and salt).

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