Designing Kid-Friendly Creative Spaces

For years I have been teaching children, playing with children and entertaining children. I get great satisfaction from watching them create freely in their free time. Like most of us, when we have a space that is ready for use we avoid procrastinating and are free to produce what is on our mind. Art supplies that are easily reached and well organized help your child begin the creative process. Having a table ready that is always covered with paper that can be drawn upon or rolled up and tossed encourages your child to get into the art supplies on their own terms. A table that is ready for mess, with an old rug or easily washable floor underneath, and nearby open containers like baskets and bins make cleanup easy. Bold colors of paints, brushes, sponges, markers, crayons, glue, glitter, tape, ribbon, yarn, paper, stickers, envelopes and scissors will give them plenty of fun stuff to start with. Be sure to have plenty of drawing and painting papers, and pieces of cardboard on hand. You can continue to add found objects which you and your child can find together or that you can surprise them with from week to week that they can work with. I like used tubes, empty tape rolls, discarded or damaged cd’s, bits of wood and plastic mesh fruit bags to start. Easy access to the art supplies allows children to draw, paint, sculpt and create whenever they are in the mood. Soon you will notice your children wandering over to the art table in the same way they go to their toy box, picking up the art materials and having fun exploring the many treasures you have provided for them.

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